Lisbon Fall Festival Committee

NOTE: As of May 1, 2021, the "Barn" (Community Center) will again be open for community and private events. Maximum capacity at this time will be strictly limited to 65 or fewer individuals, until further notice. Social distancing and masks required at all times. Bring your own hand sanitizer. See the "User Agreement" for more information about renting the Community Center.

The main goal of the Lisbon Fall Festival Committee is to create a sense of community in the town of Lisbon.  We hope that an increased sense of community will lead to more personal involvement and more cultural, educational and social activities, which will create a better community and a better place for us to live. We are a non-profit organization and depend on volunteers to organize and put on the Lisbon Fall Festival.  Helping hands that are willing to work are always needed and are very much appreciated. Some of the activities you could help us with are: Planning and Managing Festival Day Activities; Set-Up (tents and tables); Food Prep (cooking and serving); Tear Down and Cleanup; Youth Dance Chaperones; Road Race Personnel; Building Maintenance; Fund Raising, Obtaining Sponsors; Grounds Maintenance.

Board Members

Name Title
Ray Joly Treasurer
Ellen Joly President
Deb Gosslin Secretery
Scott Dawley Vice President