Business in Lisbon

Situated on I-395, in New London County, the Town of Lisbon features two large commercial/retail developments as well as numerous smaller food, gas and convenience stores. All of these businesses are situated on River Road (Route 12) at Exit 21, a location that has been identified as one of the largest traffic generators in the state. Whether the need is for building supplies, clothing, bedding, mobile communication assistance, pet and craft supplies, a place for hair, nail or dental care, all of this and much more are available in one convenient location. Restaurants and a movie theater are also included. The combination of a central, desirable location, attractive tax rate and business-friendly environment makes the Town of Lisbon the ideal place to start or grow a business. There is property available in that area to develop and/or expand both large and small scale retail/commercial development.

There are also numerous smaller restaurants, gas and convenience stores, a grocery store, lumber company, upholstery shop and auto repair shop along Route 12 from Norwich to Jewett City. There are many small, locally owned businesses scattered through the community as well.