First Selectman


  • Oversee day-to-day operation of all town services and facilities open to and provided to residents
  • Serve as chief executive officer of the town and is a non-voting member of all town boards, commissions and committees.
  • Serve as the principal administrative official of the town and general supervisor to all town employees and staff. Receive all Applications for Employment
  • Keep the town’s financial records
  • Administer the town’s welfare services
  • Appoint administrative boards and commissions
  • Represent the municipal employer in all collective bargaining with the designated employee organization
  • Maintain custody of voting machines, keep them in repair and provide for each polling place.
  • Convene special town elections when the Board of Selectmen deems necessary.
  • Notify the Board of Finance of the need for an additional appropriation when it becomes necessary to spend more than has been appropriated for any department.
  • Adjust and settle all claims against the town and draw orders on the treasurer for their payments.
  • Oversee public access to the administrative records of the town
  • Serve as Highway Superintendent, overseeing the building and maintenance of all roads. LINKS  “An Ordinance for Design & Construction Standards for Acceptance of Town Roads for the Town” and “An Ordinance Relating to the Acceptance of New Streets and Highways Amending and Ordinance Adopted Aug. 29, 1966”
  • Provide yearly road maintenance plan
  • Oversee plowing and sanding of roads in winter

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Thomas W. Sparkman First Selectman (Republican)
Elaine Joseph Administrative Assistant 860-376-3400